Ultra Config Generator

The worlds most powerful Network Configuration Generator


Ultra Config Generator is an enterprise-grade software application for multi-vendor network automation.

The product enables organizations to build robust automation solutions compatible with all major equipment vendors such as Cisco, Juniper and Huawei.



Network Automation

Generate configuration for network devices based on deployment parameters. There are two ways of doing so. The first is through web forms on the Ultra Config portal, and the second is through a REST API.

Intuitive Design

Create configuration templates using "Jinja2" - a modern and designer-friendly templating language centered around readability. Even designers with no programming experience can easily get involved.

Advanced Business Logic

The success of a digitized solution is dependent on the ability to accommodate all business requirements and edge cases. Ultra Config achieves this goal through the inclusion of a powerful business rule engine.

Vendor Agnostic

Ultra Config includes multi-vendor support. Automate config for routers, switches, and any other network equipment irrespective of the manufacturer. E.g., Cisco, Juniper, Huawei, F5, Ericsson, Fortinet, Checkpoint, etc.

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Product Documentation

Access online. The documentation teaches readers end-to-end details of the Ultra Config product: how to design templates, how to generate configuration, how to consume the REST API, and much more.

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