The Best Network Engineering Blogs in 2019

, August 19th 2019

Network Engineering is a fast-paced industry flowing with innovation. In a world where technology transforms every year, it can be hard to keep up. That's why, today, we are compiling a list of the best blogs to follow for network engineers in 2019.

Whether you're a technical network engineer or someone just curious about the industry, there are network engineering blogs to follow for everyone. Today we'll go over a selection of our favourite blogs and highlight the audiences they are best for.


Cisco, as most people would know, is the behemoth of network hardware manufacturing in the western world. With an astonishing market cap of close to 200 billion, they certainly are at the heart of the industry. Check out their frequently updated blog - it's perfect for all readers by providing cutting-edge industry news without getting too technical.


Similarly, another major player in the hardware manufacturing game is Juniper Networks. While their company size is much smaller than Cisco they still hold a significant portion of market share in both enterprise and core infrastructure. Check out their industry news blog for an alternative perspective to Cisco.


Network Chuck is a network engineer and YouTuber. Although his primary content outlet is in video form, I can't omit him from this list. His passion for network engineering and technology is highly contagious, so if you want to get excited about this industry I highly recommend checking out his videos.


This is a great blog written by a highly experienced and technical network engineer. Ivan loves learning and sharing with his audience. He's also published a large number of books and offers automation services to his clients. If you're into the technical side and want to read short frequent posts from a veteran this blog is for you.


Do you have a long car drive and want to listen to some great podcasts on network engineering? Look no further than Packet Pushers - they have published hundreds of content-rich podcasts on all aspects of the industry. This podcast is great for a technical audience - not only for learning but also for simply listening to the experiences and opinions of other network engineers.


Network World is a great blog for news and opinion pieces within the industry. The feed also includes articles from the IT industry so it can be a good way to get a high-level view of related areas of technology. Check it out if it sounds appealing - even just browsing the headlines from time to time can be helpful for one's industry awareness.


While not a blog in the classic sense, the networking subreddit is a feed not to be missed. With around 180 thousand members, this Reddit group is a bustling hub for network engineers and enthusiasts alike to chat, share opinions, discuss industry news and much more. If you're interested in casual interactions with other network engineers check this one out.


Like Network World, Network Computing is another great news outlet for the industry. Articles are posted frequently and would keep any reader up to date with the latest buzz.


If Cisco is the behemoth of the manufacturing side of the industry then AT&T is certainly one of the behemoths of the service provider side. With 134 million customers they can provide great insights into the ultimate end-users of networks. For anyone working on the customer edge, this feed is fantastic.


Of course, we can't complete this list without shameless self-promotion! At Ultra Config we pride ourselves on posting high-quality content with a focus on technical tutorials for network engineers. Our posts are usually very practical where we carry out free guided walkthroughs on network configuration exercises.


Hopefully, these blogs and other feeds have provided a good range of options to get started on developing your industry exposure. If you have a networking blog that you think should be featured, leave a comment below - we can add it to an honourable mentions list.

Finally, if you haven't heard of Ultra Config Generator, I would highly recommend you check it out. We designed the product to allow network engineers to generate and automate network configuration in a highly flexible, efficient and elegant manner. Our users love the application and I hope that you will too.

Take care until next time!

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