5. Administrator Console

The Administrator Console is, as the name suggests, the workspace for all administration related tasks. Within this workspace, admins can manage users of the application, perform data backups, and read application metadata.

5.1 Launching the AC

Navigating to the AC is trivial. To do so, simply click on the "Administrator Console" link in the application header.

5.2 Managing Users

User management is performed within the Administrator Console. Users are created with one of three access levels.

  1. Administrator - An administrator has access to the entire application. They may generate configuration, modify templates, and manage other users.
  2. Developer - A developer has access to the Generator Console and Developer Console. They may generate configuration and modify templates. They are unable to access the Administrator Console.
  3. User - A user, also referred to as an operator, only has access to the Generator Console. They may generate configuration, but cannot modify templates or access any administration capabilities.

To create and modify users within the Administrator Console, fill out the form fields in the popup modal.

5.3 Data Backup & Recovery

Administrators may perform an application backup or recovery at any time. Additionally, Ultra Config offers customers an automated backup service that they are welcome to claim.

Create a Backup

To perform a backup, click on the Create Backup button. Once confirmation is made, a backup file will download locally to the administrator's machine.


Interested in performing automated backups yourself? Check out the REST API.

Restore a Backup

Administrators may restore the application to the state of a previous backup. To do so, click on the Restore Backup button and browse your machine for the backup file of interest. Finally, select the Restore button to confirm the recovery request.

Please note that restoring an application to a backup will not impact the state of users. It will only modify application data such as templates.

5.4 Viewing Plan Info

Information about plan usage and other licensing information can be checked within the Administrator Console.

A sample screenshot is displayed below.

5.5 Viewing App Info

Information about the software release of UCG can be checked within the Administrator Console.

A sample screenshot is displayed below.

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